The Regent/Gaumont/Odeon Bournemouth

14 APRIL 2017

The Gaumont/Odeon in Westover Road lasted a while longer than its near neighbour the ABC, closing on the 9th February 2017.

While the ABC had a memorable send off with extensive press and tv coverage, champagne, cakes and popcorn, the Odeon went out with a whimper. The normal week's films were shown until mid-afternoon and were followed by a final screening of 'La La Land' in Screen One.

The cinema opened as the Regent in 1929 and had presented films for eighty eight years. The frontage is original and is to remain after the auditorium is demolished. The interior had undergone considerable reconstruction over the years including complete replacement of the original domed roof. However if you looked carefully you could still find remnants of the 1929 d├ęcor. In all there were six screens at closure including the last to be constructed in the former restaurant.

Afternoon of the last day 9.02.2017

Boarded up with all reference to the Odeon removed


Of course these two magnificent old cinemas had to close to pay for the new Odeon which opened for invited guests on the same day as the Odeon closed. It is situated on the site of the old bus station in the Square.