Westar 2000

The Westar 2000 and Westrex sound head were made by the Westrex Co.Ltd. in Cricklewood, London and were a British version of the legendary American Century machines. They were very popular in the UK and noted for their simplicity of operation, accessibility and rugged reliability. The picture head was largely intact, but missing it's lacing lamp glass (as usual!) and bulb (hard to obtain).

This particular machine has 3000ft. spool boxes and spools, which means that is capable of showing 30 minutes of film. As films were always delivered in 2000ft. lengths this was largely irrelevant. As a footnote, I think there was a move at one time to standardise on 3000' spools because the American half hour television serials were shot and transmitted on 35mm film. The top spool box needed quite a lot of work as the pictures show.

The lamp house is an Orcon 1000 with a 1kw xenon. These lamp houses are ideal for the amateur projector restorer as they can be plugged straight into the mains electricity supply without the necessity of a bulky external rectifier. Although it looks a little out of proportion on the back of a Westar, this installation was by no means unusual as the Westrex Company installed many of these lamp houses in smaller screens particularly in London's West End. Many of these venues used Westar machines (see the Westar section of the gallery).

The sound head was missing quite a few parts which had to be replaced before it couls be made to work.

The projector is on a Ross stand in the absence of a Westar one but again it was not unusual to put a Westar or any other projector on a stand by another maker.

We would like to thank all the people who helped this project to fruition, the Projected Picture Trust, Ronald Grant, Kevin Whelan and Bob Dobson who between them provided many of the missing parts.

Restoration History


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