Kalee 11

The Kalee 11 was introduced in 1933 and was a replacement for the popular Kalee 8 which had bridged the silent to sound era but had become rather dated compared with other machines coming to the market. The Model 11 lasted until the Model 12 came out in 1939. During that time Kershaws manufactured about 500 pairs. Serial numbers started at 15000.

Our model is number 15100 which makes it quite an early example. The first picture shows the state in which it was acquired, neglected but not beyond restoration as the second picture shows.

The sound head, a Western Electric 200B was also acquired in an un restored state but more or less complete. The big box on the front is a pre amp and it also includes a control for the exciter lamp. Like the Kalee12 it has been sympathetically altered to take a solar cell.

This restoration would not have been possible if fellow enthusiast Kevin Whelan had not generously donated the heavy duty bell stand. Anyone who has ever built up a cinema projector will know that every component bolts to the stand and you can’t start the project without one.

The Vulcan lamp house is very much a pre war design and looks it although the Kalee 11 probably pre dates it. This was acquired from the Picturedrome Cinema in Bognor Regis where it had resided in the basement for a number of years. It was complete except for one or two small items which we were able to replace. We also carried out a partial repaint and buff up. The interior required cleaning and degreasing. Like all restorations there are a hundred and one small items required to complete the project, cabling, switch boxes from the right era, Greenfield cable, glands and nuts and bolts in imperial sizes. All these sort of items are becoming very difficult to obtain.

Restoration History


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