An update to the Century project

It’s taken a little time but the Century machine from Lymington Community Centre is now up and running, not on a Westar base but a heavy duty Simplex base which is more or less identical. This has meant that the Simplex E7 has been taken down to make way for the Century. If space ever permits it can easily be reinstated on an alternative stand, however as we now have a fully working E7 at the Regent this might not be necessary.

The main difficulty was sourcing a bottom spool arm with a take up clutch and finding the missing flywheel for the Dolby digital reader. Both problems are now resolved. Both the Dolby digital reader and the analogue red reader are operational so the outfit has two independent sound systems.

Eventually we hope to put an Orcon 1KW lamp house into use on this outfit as we have already done with the Westar,  that is if we can get one to work. We have several examples minus their circuit boards but we also suspect diode trouble and getting at those on an Orcon means a complete strip down.

Original Article

At last, a machine that doesn't need much doing to it. This American made Century machine was saved after the cinema in which it was installed went over to digital projection. Compare it with the Westar 2000, newly transferred to our completed section and you will see that the machines are very similar, as indeed are the sound heads.

This machine was used in conjunction with a Westrex long running tower so there are no spool boxes on this machine just Kelmar 6000' arms which originally had rollers attached to guide the film from the tower to the projector. We don't have the room for a tower or indeed for the strong xenon console which was part of the outfit when used commercially. The fact is we don't have much room period to build up this machine so at the moment it is secure but still in bits. Some work has been done, however, the missing (surprise!) lacing lamp cover has been replaced and the lamp and switch rewired.

We have all the drive belts and motor and the sound head comes complete with a red reader the first in our collection. Also retrieved is the power supply. The only item missing is the take up mechanism for the bottom spool arm (not required with a tower). Can't help thinking a few of those must have been dumped.

What we would like to do is build it up on a Westar base, use 6000' spools and run it alongside the Westar 2000.

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