Lymington Community Centre

26 NOVEMBER 2013

The cinema changed over to digital projection after the last 35mm show in July 2013. The latest Barco 2K DLP projector was installed by the London firm Future Projections, and a very nice job they made of it.

The Picture shows the Barco digital projector on the right complete with enormous (and noisy) blue fan. It is positioned much lower down than the 35mm projector was and now shoots directly at the screen and not via mirrors. The monitor on the left shows the timings and status of the programme as it is being shown. It is also used to set up the week's presentation. This program is held on the Doremi server, the main feature having been downloaded to it from a portable hard drive and the ads and trailers from memory sticks. The keyboard is used to build up the program which involves a 'drag and drop' function to put the show in the right order of play and also involves setting start times, dimming and raising of house lights, interval times etc. Although I don't think this particular set up is fully automatic. So there is still something for the operator to do.

The components in the cabinet are the Dolby processor at the top and the surround sound amplifiers beneath.

No 35mm projector enthusiast could let that superb Century 35mm machine go in the skip and we at Primolux have it in safekeeping. Unfortunately lack of space decreed that we couldn't save the Strong xenon console.