Kalee Slideshow

15 JULY 2011

We often wondered what the two holes were for at the base of the Kalee 11 and 12 top spool box brackets. It was suggested that rods were slotted into them and used by small projectionists to rest the heavy spools of film on before a final effort was made to locate the spool on the spool box spindle. Actually rods do fix into the holes but they stick out of the back of the machine and hold and support a bracket and lens holder associated with a slide projector which could be attached alongside the main lamp house. Such a bracket in our possession is shown below.

We have only come across one such set up and that was at the long demolished Regal Warminster in Wiltshire although the slide projector in this case was attached to a Westar/Westrex/ Peerless 'Magnarc' machine.

There was also a tailor made assembly for the Kalee 8 machine which attached to the machine itself rather than the spool bracket. In this case the assembly was used in conjunction with the main lamp house which incorporated Kershaw's 'Kerograph' attachment whereby the main light source was redirected temporarily via mirrors through the slide holder.