Kalee 8

22 JUNE 2012

The Universal base has been completely revamped, the Simplex Standard and Peerless Magnarc have been replaced with a front shutter Kalee 8 and a Kalee Vulcan arc lamp. The 8 came from the old Ritz cinema in the Winton suburb of Bournemouth. One of a pair which remained hidden for over fifty years. The Ritz had Universal bases and the two Kalee picture heads were adapted for sound circa 1929. Unusually the front shutters were not converted to rear shutter at that time and they continued in operation until the Ritz was finally revamped for Cinemascope in the 1950's when they were rendered unusable for that new widescreen process.

It is thought that Kalee 12's were installed at that time, still on Universal base and that the final setup on closure in 1959 included Kalee Regal or Monarc lamphouses. Anybody out there who can give us any information on the projection equipment at this almost forgotten cinema please contact us via Hotmail.