Couplers for Kalee 11 and 12 models

15 JULY 2011

When trying to restore a 35mm projector one of the problems which can arise is that of trying to connect the projector to the sound head. There must have been dozens of types of coupler produced to accommodate the various projector/ sound head combinations available befor the War. The kalee11 and 12 models required quite complicated couplers to achieve connection/ Consider the one pictured below, designed to connect a Kaleem 12 to western Electric's universal base and which we have just managed to complete using bits from various sources. It is nearly a foot long and has a metal cover to keep stray fingers away from the revolving gear train.

No such protection with the one pictured below. One of a pair recently retrieved from a cinema on the south coast. This one connects a Kalee12 to an RCA 1041 sound head. We know this because usually the these details are cast into the main body of the coupler as the picture below illustrates.

At the bottom the Roman numerals X11 denote Kalee12 and at the top although there was obviously not enough room to cast in the whole description you might just make out R104 for RCA1041. If you see a discarded coupler in your travels grab it if you can. I bet there's some restoration project somewhere in need of it.